We focus on the person behind the CV.

Our main focus is people. So we employ more than 2,000 people every day. We do this in various fields, with all kinds of expertise, in multiple contract forms, as well as with a clear focus on technicians and new digital technologies. Would you like to join Unit-T?

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Unit-T is a joint venture launched in 2018 by Solutions 30 and Telenet.

In the growing market of new digital technologies (e.g. fibre) and the current energy transition (e.g. smart meters and charging stations), technical services based on internet-driven devices are becoming increasingly crucial and Unit-T is responding to this.

Our 2000+ colleagues handle the installation and repair activities of these internet-controlled devices. We do this in sectors such as telecommunications, security, ICT and energy.

3 reasons why you want to work at Unit-T

Unit-T excels in serving Unit-T’s clients’ connected world, with passionate employees and smart solutions. This results in 3 reasons why you would like to join Unit-T:

Ambitious and stable employer

Ambitious and stable employer

Unit-T strives to be the "employer of choice" for technicians and we want to excel even more as an employer. We do this by focusing on the person behind the CV.

Our training opportunities

Our training opportunities

We invite everyone to apply, even if you don't yet have the right skills. This is where our internal training academy can make the difference for you.

Our career opportunities

Our career opportunities

We encourage everyone to grow within the organisation and thus want to offer every opportunity as an employer. We offer this in various ways. Your personal growth is also important to us.

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Working at Unit-T is working for a highly innovative joint venture where you – like 2000+ colleagues – can make an impact in the lives of millions of people by providing access to technological innovations that change everyday life. Check out all our jobs and we look forward to getting to know you.

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