Testimonial from Steven
13 April 2023
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Testimonial from Steven

You can grow with us in various ways. We see growth not only as climbing a ladder, but also your personal growth is important to us. In this blog, you can read Steven’s testimonial.

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The launch of a Unit-T Academy, where custom-developed training programmes, elaborate e-learning platforms and day-to-day operations will allow you to grow both professionally and personally within our company while doing your job.

Testimonial from Steven

This is the testimonial of Steven (Dispatch project work B2B)


I was working at Telenet as a Helpdesk employee for the technicians. I had been doing that job for about five years. A job I did with my eyes closed, very routine and not really challenging anymore.


After the joint venture with Telenet/Janssens Field Services, I thought the time was ripe to talk to our recruiter. Especially as I had found an internal vacancy that I was keen to find out more about. Nevertheless, HR suggested me another position: that of Dispatch project work B2B.


After very pleasant and thorough discussions with my future manager and colleague – as well as a nerve-wracking radio silence of several weeks – I was able to ‘rotate in’ for 2 days in my possible future job. These days were mainly useful to find out whether the position suited me and whether it clicked with my future colleague and manager. The internal agreements between my current and future manager concerning the timing of the transfer went smoothly. Less than five weeks later, I was already working as a dispatch assistant.


After 3 months in this new position, I can say I am happy with the choice to apply internally. The job suits me, gives me energy and my days fly by. A word of advice to my colleagues who hesitate to make an internal switch? Definitely check with HR and take matters into your own hands! It is worth it!

“The job suits me”

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