Welcome to Unit-T

At Unit-T, you get the chance to explore new technologies, your work is all about constructing/implementing smart solutions appropriate to internet-driven services and solving technical problems. This allows you to make an impact in the lives of millions of people.

Who are we?

Unit-T is a company by and for technicians with a focus on Field Services in Belgium. We are a joint venture started in 2018 by Solutions 30 and Telenet.

What we do.

We give individuals and companies access to technological innovations that change daily life through field service solutions.

For example, you can turn to Unit-T when something is wrong with your television at home, the repair of your smart thermostat, installing a charging station, maintaining your alarm system, etc. In doing so, we make an impact in the lives of millions of people.

But we also want to make an impact on your life. That is why we are committed to being a good employer and looking for people who agree with our mission.

Onze missie

Onze missie

We want to become the point of contact for the installation and repair of Internet-driven devices, both in your home and at work.

That is why we excel in serving our customers’ connected world, with passionate employees and smart solutions.

Favourite employer

We contribute to innovating technology in Belgium and rely on our passionate employees to do so.

After all, we owe our success and growth to them. But to achieve our growth in the most effective way, we are transforming together towards a more efficient, dynamic and open structure.

That is why we are committed every day to becoming an ’employer of choice’.

Favourite employer
Our unique culture

Our unique culture

Unit-T is a company of and by technicians with the irrepressible “desire” to be engaged with tomorrow’s technology.

Tomorrow’s technology is evolving. This means that as Unit-T, we are allowed to be flexible and ambitious. This results in us having a flat structure, being open to your ideas and encouraging entrepreneurship in you.

We are a company of and by technicians. You notice this in the way we interact with each other. From a simple ‘good day’ to the activities organised by our enthusiastic party committee. These include: the quiz, the company and Saint Nicholas parties, the running races and the Unit-T talks.

Our core values

1 Unit-T'ed we stand
2 Driven by technology
3 Opportunit-T
4 Flexibili-T

Unit-T'ed we stand

Together we are stronger than our mutual talents add up. Teamwork within this company makes our strong quality and service possible. Together we are strong, together we can move forward, together we can find appropriate solutions and together we can move the world.

Driven by technology

This is a company of and by technicians. We are a bunch of techies together. Technology connects us but we also connect others through technology. Let’s connect your future


With us, you can give free rein to your entrepreneurship. Your feedback and nose for initiative make this company stronger. We encourage everyone to grow (internally) within the organisation and thus want to offer every opportunity as an employer.


Within Unit-T, there is room and space to think out of the box and bring up innovative ideas. Thanks to our flat structure, in-house IT formulas and our informal communication style, as a large company we are still able to respond flexibly to the market and can move quickly to meet our customers’ demands.

Our people

Read what our employees think of Unit-T!

“De job past bij me, geeft me energie en mijn dagen vliegen voorbij. Een raad aan mijn collega’s die twijfelen voor een interne switch? Informeer je zeker bij HR.”

Steven . Dispatch projectwerk B2B
Steven  .

“Ik draag de verantwoordelijkheid over een team techniekers, werk zowel on the field als op kantoor voor administratief werk en soms van thuis uit. Variatie genoeg dus!”

Koen . Project & Field Coach
Koen .

“Als netwerktechnieker moet je goed kunnen redeneren, logisch nadenken en je hebt een grote verantwoordelijkheid, wat mij enorm aanspreekt!”

Joeri . HFC Netwerktechnieker
Joeri .

“Het helpen van klanten, het oplossen van problemen, … Ik haal echt voldoening uit mijn job en kijk tevreden terug op mijn reeds opgedane ervaring!”

Thierry . HFC Netwerktechnieker
Thierry  .

Join us

Working at Unit-T is working for a highly innovative joint venture where you – like 2000+ colleagues – can make an impact in the lives of millions of people by providing access to technological innovations that change everyday life. Check out all our jobs and we look forward to getting to know you.

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