Technology does not stand still.

It is impossible to imagine daily life without technology. It is everywhere and, in fact, everything you do and see revolves around technology.

Whether you update your smartphone/computer/laptop at home, protect your most valuable asset with a camera, or start working with a new IT programme at work: technology does not stand still.

This is where our solutions and handy technician people (like you?) come in handy.


We embrace everyday life

Unit-T shapes your digital world and protects what is closest to your heart.

In the world of security, Unit-T offers a sea of opportunities for both installations and maintenance. We also offer multiple solutions to support hardware manufacturers and ICT integrators. Finally, we also know our way around ATMs and POS systems.

Will you be our colleague?

To respond to this and realise our ambitions, we are looking for enthusiastic colleagues.

Think ICT technicians and security installers. But also think of the underlying experts such as project managers, functional and business analysts and system administrators, each within the technology sector.

We give you three reasons why you would like to work at Unit-T.

Our training opportunities

Our training opportunities

We welcome everyone, with or without a degree, work experience and/or the right skills, because thanks to our internal training academy, we make sure you are always up to speed with the latest developments.

Ambitious and stable employer

We strive to be the “employer of choice” for technicians and want to excel even more as an employer. We do this by focusing on the person behind the CV.

Ambitious and stable employer
Our growth opportunities

Our growth opportunities

We encourage everyone to grow within the organisation and thus want to offer every opportunity as an employer. We offer this in various ways. Your personal growth is also important to us.

Our recruiters

Lutgard & Didem

“Enthusiastic detective looking for motivated technicians every day to join our Unit-T Team. Proud to be Unit-T and also proud of my 3 amazing sons !”

Lutgard Pigmans Recruiter (connectivity, technology)
Lutgard Pigmans

“Between my my mouth and my heart there is no filter, honesty is my trademark and directness is my style. In analysing people and situations, I am an expert!”

Didem Deveci Recruiter (connectivity, technology)
Didem Deveci

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Lutgard & Didem

Lutgard & Didem

Corporate recruiter